moozem Plans NFT Museums, Welcomes Founding Members, Offers Art Destruction for NFT Creation

word moozem with museum art display in backgroundNine amazing NFT museums like we’ve never seen before. A sensational experience is coming soon. Be part of The World’s First NFT Museums raised in honor of the Nine Greek Muses. Showcasing native digital artifacts and physical art digitized as NFTs through destruction in a truly immersive experience. A complete game-changer for art creators and art collectors.

LONDON, June 15, 2021 — moozem has taken the explosion of the non-fungible token (NFT) world and is reinventing the museum experience. Here, it will combine the old-school ethos of world-class collectors’ hubs with cutting-edge technology, approach and art showcasing. It is a one-of-a-kind repository for one-of-a-kind NFTs. With the NFT arena moving at lightning speed, this is the development of fine art collecting many have been waiting for.

Just one example of the nine incredible museums is The Museum of Being Somebody Else, where imagination and surrealism come alive. Dive into someone else’s reality, see what they see and feel what they feel in this incredible environment. People can express their own emotions and showcase their imagination for others to see, feel and listen.

A new home for NFTs

With the monumental buzz of NFT art, creators and collectors have been lost not knowing where to showcase their digital art. moozem will bring it all together in a single place, helping showcase the art to the world.

With built-in flexibility and controls, creators and collectors will be able to easily store and display their art in multiple ways — from showcasing their art in public galleries and creating dedicated galleries in a museum to an invite-only Private Treasury Room for their pleasure.

A unique opportunity to monetize art

moozem will help creators and collectors promote their artwork across the moozem community and monetize from it. It is a safe and secure environment to buy and sell NFT artwork, in fixed-price and auction modes, and a unique opportunity for art owners to earn pay-per-view by displaying the works in the museums and still own their art.

But what about physical art?

Physical art can find its home in moozem, too. How? Physical artifacts could be transformed into valuable NFTs through destruction and digital conversion. Check out to learn more about it.

So, what’s in it for people?

Early enthusiasts can get on board now as Founding Members to be among the first to learn about moozem updates and BETA releases. is currently under design and development and the excitement is building. It’s an opportunity to be there from the start.


Nine NFT museums raised in honor of the Nine Greek Muses, serving both Creators and Collectors.

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