Wizard World Debuts 3D Non-Fungible Tokens From Wizard World Vault NFT Marketplace

bright yellow letter W halfway encircled in swoopThousands Of Comic Books, Collectible Figurines, Double-Sided and Multi-Page Pieces and More Expand Collection of Wizard World NFTs from 25 Years of Pop Culture Events; Follows Up 2D Collection Announced Earlier This Month

LOS ANGELES, June 22, 2021–Wizard World, a division of Wizard Brands Inc.TM (OTCQB: WIZD), announced today the launch of its three-dimensional non-fungible tokens (3D NFTs) of exclusive items from the Wizard World Vault online marketplace. Compiled from 25 years of events and trusted sourcing throughout the pop-culture industry, the Wizard World 3D NFT collectibles are an addition to the 2D NFTs announced earlier this month.

The expanded NFT collection includes all physical items in the Wizard World Vault. Full editions of comic books, collectible figurines and double-sided cards are examples of 3D NFTs now available with today’s launch.

Wizard World’s launch of 3D NFTs marks another step in its progression towards the intersection of technology and entertainment. Wizard World continues to build global, interactive online communities for affinity groups by sourcing, producing, and streaming exclusive proprietary events, while monetizing unique content from the past and present through the Wizard World Vault. As part of Wizard World’s greater technology strategy, Wizard World expects to expand its technological offerings this year to include additional types of NFTs, the ability for fans to create their own NFTs by minting their personal collections and the introduction of a mobile application.

“We are pleased to expand our offerings in the Wizard World 3D NFT collection,” stated Wizard Brands CEO and Chairman, Scott Kaufman. “Now fans have the opportunity to memorialize ownership of nearly all items in the Wizard World Vault for generations to come.”

About Wizard Brands, Inc. (OTCQB: WIZD)

Wizard Brands, Inc. (www.wizardbrands.com) is an activist conglomerate that optimizes performance and profit in the companies it acquires, restructures, and operates.

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Wizard World Vault (www.wizardworldvault.com) features some of the most popular pop culture memorabilia from the Wizard World Live and Wizard World Virtual events, along with items from featured artists and exhibitors in the memorabilia world.

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