When Square Meets Circle Tells A Love Story Over 99 Days Using NFTs

grid of colorful squares“When Square Meets Circle – A Love Story” is a randomly generated experimental artwork and tells of a whimsical Love Story between Square and Circle, which spans over 99 Days.

There is a total of 100 NFTs: Day #01-99 are unique 1/1 stills and Day #100 is a unique 1/1 Animated Loop of Day #01-99, which could be unlocked when one wallet acquires all Day #01-99 NFTs. Upon purchase of the NFT, the holder of the NFT is entitled to 1.1 NFT Renaming, 1.2 NFT Story Submission, 1.3 High-Resolution NFT File Download, more details on the website: whensquaremeetscircle.com

Each canvas reassembles a day in the Life of Square and Circle, the spectator can observe their growing up (1. Change of Size), Environment Change (2. Background Color Change), and Relationship (3. Lovebirds Overlap or Missing in certain NFT).

The Art is created using a random () function for the Background Color, Position, and Colors of the Lovebirds. Through this, the beholder can interpret the story of the Lovebirds on each passing day.

Seeing how the cost of NFT ownership could be quite expensive, the creator of this project would like to make NFT Art ownership more accessible to the masses. Therefore, all NFTs would be sold at a base price of 0.00520 ETH, so more people could participate in this interactive NFT journey. On a side note, the combination “520” means “I Love You” in Chinese.

The NFTs would be released over four weeks on OpenSea:

Day #01-25 on AUG 15 00:00 UTC
Day #26-50 on AUG 22 00:00 UTC
Day #51-75 on AUG 29 00:00 UTC
Day #76-99 on AUG 29 00:00 UTC

To learn more, please visit www.whensquaremeetscircle.com