Voice’s Online NFT Residency and Fund Supports Underrepresented Communities

words nft residency in between hand with brush and head of artist with cameraNEW YORK, March 21, 2022 — Voice, the NFT platform for creators, is moving the industry forward in its commitment to empowering creators with a one-of-a-kind NFT Residency program and fund committed to creators in underserved and marginalized communities.

Emerging NFT creators are invited to join the virtual NFT Residency program, which will cover the world’s most pertinent topics: equity & justice, clean planet, future-proof, and well-being. Participants will receive a creation stipend, project guidance and support from technical to marketing elements, and inclusion in a bonus rewards program. The program has been built specifically to align with the ever-changing NFT ecosystem.

“The opportunities of NFTs are huge for both creators and collectors,” says Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo. “We cannot leave anyone behind. We will always use our technology to fulfill our mission of helping emerging creators get discovered.”

Voice’s inaugural NFT Residency produced works under the theme of Raise Our Voice, focusing on projects that lifted up communities through self-expression. Participants included Emonee LaRussa, an Emmy-winning graphics artist and director whose NFT collection funded her non-profit that brings underrepresented artists into the graphic design space. Fellow Resident and internationally renowned rapper Shan Vincent de Paul piloted a new community rewards program for his globally located fans, selling lifetime access to concerts through affordable NFTs, which sold out in minutes.

“It was an honor to be a part of a program focused on inclusion, creativity, and collaboration,” says Vincent de Paul. “Voice has built a special family with honest intentions of empowering artists that resonate with the people.”

Voice is the first platform to provide approachable access to the entire NFT ecosystem, becoming a go-to first step for all creators entering the space. The company provides features like free minting, no carbon impact, and the ability to transfer NFTs to other environmentally-friendly blockchains and platforms.


Voice is an NFT platform that is carbon neutral, easy to use and multi-chain compatible. At Voice, we believe that NFT technology will change the internet by introducing verified ownership to our digital world. We’re building a way for creators and communities to be rewarded for their engagement–the way it should be.

Source: Voice