Upland Mints 1 Million Metaverse Properties as NFTs; Brings on Cathy Hackl in Growth

announcement on abstract patternCompany Taps Metaverse Thought Leader Cathy Hackl To Accelerate Growth Strategies

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 17, 2021 — Fresh off of being featured on CBS/Paramount Plus’ 60 Minutes+, Upland, one of the world’s fastest-growing games on the blockchain, has hit a record-breaking milestone, 1 million NFTS minted in 18 months. The milestone was achieved on June 15 when the one-millionth Upland property was minted as an NFT on the blockchain.

“This milestone is a significant step forward for NFTs and the metaverse alike!” said Dirk Lueth, Co-Founder of Upland. “Upland and its community have been growing at a much faster pace in the last few weeks than we expected at the beginning of 2021. With new features coming and exciting partners which we will start onboarding soon, we expect our growth to gain further momentum.”

Upland is an NFT metaverse that sits on top of the real world where people around the world can buy, sell and trade virtual properties currently for the cities of San Francisco, Brooklyn, Oakland, Fresno, New York City, and most recently, Chicago. Each property in the Upland metaverse is based on real-world boundaries and is represented as a non-fungible token (NFT) on a more energy-efficient blockchain, ensuring true ownership of the property in a more sustainable way.

Upland’s mantra is “Rebuild the World” and the company is building a platform where people will not only play by trading and developing virtual properties but also socialize and earn while they play. Upland is different from other NFT metaverses because it is an immersive gamified experience mapped to planet earth, not just a collectibles marketplace or gallery. And Upland extends its metaverse value proposition even further, as explained by Lueth: “Our core values at Upland include, besides sustainability, a strong focus on diversity and inclusion both in our platform and also inside our company.”

Additionally, as Upland has seen an increase in interest from prospective partners like musical artists, athletes, and consumer brands, it has decided to tap metaverse thought leader, Cathy Hackl, to help with the company’s growth strategy.

“As a woman in tech, I’m excited to be involved in Upland’s mission and to contribute to a metaverse that stands for inclusiveness. I applaud the company for their efforts elevating more diverse voices, like mine, and giving me this opportunity to help accelerate the growth of the Upland metaverse platform,” added Hackl. “I’m looking forward to helping Upland reach more mass-market adoption in the months to come. I have a feeling that our next million NFTs are not too far off into the future.”

“We have followed Cathy and her fantastic work in the space for a while,” Lueth added, “Everyone was very excited when she agreed to join us on the Upland journey.”

For more information on Upland, please visit https://upland.me, and to register for Upland, please visit this link. Upland is available on iOS, Android and the Web. It can be played from anywhere in the world.


Upland (https://upland.me/) is a metaverse that sits on top of the real world, allowing users to buy, sell and trade virtual properties that are mapped to actual addresses. Upland follows the principles of an open market economy, using blockchain technology to ensure true ownership of digital assets (NFTs). Upland is available on iOS, Android and the web. It can be played from anywhere in the world.