Unique Network and RMRK Create Cross-Chain NFTs for Chelobricks and Kanaria

brightly colored egg with bird image on eggLONDON, June 10, 2021 — Unique Network, the first NFT chain for Polkadot, announced today that they have formed a strategic partnership with RMRK Association to expand the capabilities of non-fungible tokens across blockchain ecosystems. This partnership demonstrates the first cross-project example of NFTs from different blockchains layering their design in a way that expands their utility, usability, and functionality for the broader metaverse.

Following the successful launch of Chelobricks in May, and $4.3M in fundraising, Unique Network is expanding its developing NFT universe through a collaboration with RMRK’s first NFT collection, Kanaria. The intrinsic design of this collection enables each NFT to grow and upgrade over time, the NFTs will first begin as eggs which hatch into unique and rare Kanaria birds, which evolve with the platforms around them. The Kanaria birds will offer additional benefits to holders including permanent platform benefits and entitle owners to fairdrop of $RMRK tokens.

“Our Chelobrick Collection saw all 10,000 unique, randomly generated, brick-based characters claimed in less than 20 hours, underscoring the consistent global demand for the NFT sector. Our partnership with RMRK takes this sector to its next logical iteration – NFTs that can interact with each other, own each other, evolve with each other, and are governable by DAOs. Through this Kanaria launch, we are showing the world that NFTs are not meant to sit in wallets and gather dust. They’re meant to take human expression into the next stage of the future,” says Unique Network Co-Founder Alexander Mitrovich.

RMRK and Unique Network formed this partnership to not only expand the scope and vision around what NFTs can do, but also address the scalability and network congestion plaguing the Ethereum network. Given that Ethereum was built to be a network for fungible asset classes, the introduction of NFTs on Ethereum has caused gas prices to skyrocket, inhibited education to new crypto adopters, and ultimately limited its utility. This partnership will broaden and strengthen the usability and scalability of Polkadot and Kusama chains by surpassing the ERC721 and ERC1155 standards.

“This partnership demonstrates the power of composable, forever-liquid, multi-resource NFTs which don’t just stay in your wallet until the next NFT hype makes them popular, but grow their liquidity and utility well into the future,” says RMRK Founder Bruno Skvorc. “They do this by being expandible with new looks, and new applications for NFT projects that hadn’t existed when they were originally minted. By minting a special NFT item for Kanaria birds, and then adding an additional resource to it for rendering on top of Chelobricks, we are successfully demonstrating the first cross-project NFT integration, an item set shareable and usable by two unrelated NFT collections.”

Any existing Chelobrick holder who buys a Kanaria egg will be able to claim a legendary NFT that will be equipable on both the Chelobrick and the Kanaria bird that hatches from the egg. Once a Chelobrick holder acquires a Kanaria egg, they are eligible for NFTs that will upgrade, evolve and grow over time, as well as be eternally liquid by being automatically applicable to any future NFT project. As a demonstration of RMRK’s multi-resource NFTs, this single NFT will be wearable by both the Kanaria bird purchased through this link, and the Chelobrick figure. This collaboration marks the first Chelobrick crossover event, but it will not be the last time Chelobricks will be given the opportunity to experience the ecosystems of the future.

For more information, please visit Unique Network, and join us on Twitter and Telegram.

About RMRK Association

RMRK is an association registered in Zug, Switzerland, spearheading the development of the RMRK protocol for creating highly composable “art legos” using NFTs on Kusama. RMRK is revolutionizing the NFT space by creating features such as: emoting NFTs, custom burn messages, NFTs owning NFTs, conditional rendering (if this, show that), upgradeable NFTs, and NFTs that can be governed as DAOs. RMRK has launched its own set of standards and is rapidly expanding across Kusama into dapps, platforms, and chains launching in this ecosystem.

About Unique Network

Unique Network is an infrastructure for the next generation of NFTs. The first NFT chain for Kusama and Polkadot, it offers developers independence from network-wide transaction fees and upgrades. The Unique Network team built Substrapunks, the first NFTs on Polkadot, won Hackusama in 2020, and created Substrate’s pallet for NFTs. Unique Network is launching in summer 2021.