Trey Songz Music NFT Released by Melos Studio Via Binance NFT Mystery Box

announcement with head shot of Trey SongzTaipei, Taiwan–(August 30, 2021) – Melos Studio, the brand new music creator ecosystem on Web 3.0, will release its first music NFT with R&B King Trey Songz on Binance NFT mystery box on Aug 31th 12:00 PM(UTC)

Melos Studio is the pioneer of music creation. The blockchain, such as NFT and web3 finance, are to be known as the Web 3.0 technology.

Melos is using these technologies to build a new music creation ecosystem where the relationships between the artists, the fans, and the collaborators will be redefined.

In the current NFT market, the creators upload their finished artworks and mint final-product-NFTs. Melos Studio is taking the NFT application to another dimension by using NFTs as “proof of creation”. For example, a well known music artist, Aditi uses Melos platform to write a stem of guitar tune, mint as a NFT and list on Melos marketplace. Aditis’ fan, Bob, finds this NFT, buys it, adds his piano tune, and lists again. Camilia buys this and adds her drum. Ariana buys again and adds flute… This process can go on.

This also elevates the relationship between the original artists and their fans. The fans can also be the collaborators of their favourite artists’ work. If the original artist was already famous, then his/her fan can also be recognized during this creation process.

Also, because all the sales and the creations are registered on blockchain, the public ledger, when there is a sale made, profits can be shared to all co-creators.

There are more for Melos to bring to the table: Metis – the online AI assistant that completes the music tune with only a few inputs of music notes; the web3.0 finance – NFT staking for extra reward and incentives; Virtualband – Google doc style of music creation, allowing music creators to work in different time zones and places; DAO govenanmence: the decentralized autonomous organization for open and public governance.

Melos is introducing Trey Songz as their first music ambassador.

Trey Songz is the new American star, singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor. He has sold 25 million records. He is a three-time Grammy award nominee, and has more than 13.8 million followers on Twitter and 12.7 million followers on Instagram. In 2007, his “Replacement Girl,” featuring Drake, propelled Drake to become the first independent Canadian rapper in the history of Black Entertainment Television (BET) to broadcast a personal music video. Trey Songz has also been called the Virginia, USA king of R&B.

Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, is making their first music NFT mystery box sale with Melos on the 31st of August. There will be Trey Songz’ unreleased 12 new music tracks in the NFT mystery boxes. The NFT sale will include access tickets to interact with Trey Songz and the possibility to co-create music with Trey on music pieces.

Melos is also backed by Dapper Labs, the creator of CryptoKitties, NBA Top Shots, and Flow public chain; NGC Ventures, the leading blockchain investors such as Consensys, Solana and others; Innovion, well respected marketing & advisory firms in the Blockchain space with portfolio consists of projects like Ocean Protocol, RAMP DeFi, Cartesi, AIOZ, Utrust, Polkastarter, Injective Protocol.