Indonesian Crypto Exchange Tokocrypto Launches TokoMall NFT Marketplace

TKO logo with figure whose arms are like the letter UJAKARTA, Indonesia, Sept. 8, 2021  — In line with Indonesia’s rising wave of the digital revolution, Indonesia’s local creator economy is experiencing a renaissance of its glory days. As Indonesia’s top cryptocurrency exchange, Tokocrypto has launched TokoMall as the country’s first multi-category non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace which will herald a blockchain-based revolution for the local arts and culture domain.

TokoMall: A Ground-Breaking Phenomenon in Indonesia’s NFT Metaverse

Launched on 19 August 2021 as Tokocrypto’s answer to the wants and needs of NFT fans, TokoMall comprises of five departments namely Original, Lifestyle, Creative, Stars as well as Games and Sports which feature top of the line merchant partners including nevertoolavish, MaximallFootwear, DAMN! I Love Indonesia, Banyan Core, Si Juki, and many more. In essence, TokoMall serves as a trading and exchange hub that connects artists, talents, brands as well as games and sports teams and idols with NFT collectors with Toko Token (TKO) serving as the instrument of exchange. TokoMall’s operational figures speak for themselves with more than 100 NFTs from 30+ merchants having already been sold to 10,000+ collectors.

As Tokocrypto’s Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) Chung Ying Lai puts it, “TKO will be the backbone of all activities on the TokoMall platform. Creators can mint and offer their works in the form of NFTs while collectors can get the NFTs they want by exchanging TKOs according to the value listed for each work.” While traversing Indonesia’s NFT metaverse through TokoMall, NFT enthusiasts will also have the opportunity to do good through TokoCare’s initiatives which are focused on contributing funds to help those who are less fortunate, particularly those whose lives and livelihood have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

TokoMall: A Gateway to Indonesia’s NFT Metaverse for All

With no end to the pandemic seemingly in sight, TokoMall hopes to bring some much-needed joy to NFT fans from all around the world by digitizing Indonesia’s arts and culture domain through the tokenization of the country’s creative works into NFTs thereby opening the door to the domain to all and sundry who are equipped with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and MetaMask wallets, plus some TKOs.

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SOURCE Tokocrypto