SuperWorld Participates in Flint Water Festival via AR-Powered “Digital See” NFT Exhibition

everyday environment with fanciful ar-embedded sculpture
Project Lifeline by Mike Han in collaboration with Albin Thomas featured at the Superworld “Digital See” exhibit at the Flint Water Festival.

SAN FRANCISCO, July 2, 2021 — SuperWorld, the virtual world in Augmented Reality (AR), today announced its partnership with and participation in the Flint Water Festival (July 2-4). The festival, now in its sixth year, is dedicated to raising funds and awareness to provide safe water for communities affected by the water crisis–both in Flint and abroad–through the charitable presentation of fitness, arts, tech and education.

To support these efforts, SuperWorld has curated the first ever AR Art Walk and social impact NFT exhibition for the festival. The exhibit, called “Digital See,” will feature works from renowned international and local artists from around the world, including SuperWorld Global Ambassador Krista Kim (listed in Architectural Digest as one of 100 “Game Changers” and creator of the Mars House), Marjan Moghaddam (former Adobe Artist-in-Residence) and local Flint artist Isiah Lattimoore, along with many others.

“SuperWorld is a breakthrough NFT platform that allows artists to make a positive impact that changes the world through Augmented Reality,” says Krista Kim, Global Ambassador of SuperWorld, who curated the exhibition. “The next generation of NFTs is about creating experiences, and SuperWorld is the AR internet that allows creativity to flourish in our real world.”

The festival will begin at Flint’s historic Berston Field House on July 2nd, featuring activities and live music, along with SuperWorld’s first NFT AR art drop showcasing 10 never-before-seen pieces that festival attendees can access through a QR code and the SuperWorld app while at the venue.

The following day, July 3rd, festival goers can view and purchase AR pieces as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) at specific locations in Flint that will display art through the SuperWorld app on their mobile phone. The NFT art can be purchased at, with portions of each sale donated to Flint Water Festival in support of their mission to replace pipes inside local homes needing clean water.

“At SuperWorld, our vision is to help build a better world, and a move toward greater environmental stewardship is a critical part of our business model,” says Hrish Lotlikar, SuperWorld’s Co-Founder and CEO. “I am excited to announce our partnership with the Flint Water Festival, and hope that the “Digital See” exhibit will help promote art and AR content that not only entertains, but educates, and serves as a catalyst to combat issues like the water crisis, hunger, poverty, inequality and climate change here in Flint and around the world.”

“We are thankful to Krista Kim and Hrish Lotlikar at SuperWorld for using technology to make a positive social impact, and for helping us close the digital literacy gap in Flint,” says Kay Smith, founder of the Flint Water Festival. “Local and international artists have used their talent to support this important cause and to bring a unique experience to the festival through AR.”

“Digital See” is a free event starting on July 3rd and will run through July 31, 2021.

The link to register for free tickets can be accessed here.

About SuperWorld

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About Flint Water Festival

In the beginning, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ordered the city of Flint to replace 18,000 lead and galvanized service lines (i.e. underground). Six years later, research suggests about 90 percent of the project is complete and fewer than 1,000 service lines are left to be checked. The festival raises funds to replace pipes inside the 18,000 homes. The average cost to fix the pipes per home is approximately $5,000. Everyday people can become a part of the solution by sponsoring the charity’s in-home pipe replacement program to help low-income homeowners.

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