NFTs From PN & FRIENDS = PN-NFTs Feeding PN’s Universe

group in a boat crossing the waterNEW YORK, June 29, 2021 — Popular NYC comedian/content-creator for MONTIKILLAVISION PRODUCTIONS, Todd Montesi has set a premiere date for the first drop of his innovative PN-NFT project. Set to premiere Wednesday July 7th @ 6PM EDT, Todd will put up for sale 10 PN-NFTs (Nine Standard Coins at around $100 usd, and one Super Coin up for auction starting around $250 USD) on Opensea, the popular NFT marketplace for the general public.

What sets PN-NFTs apart from the other NFT projects is that they will be incorporated into Todd Montesi’s popular cult webseries “PN & FRIENDS” story structure: Each PN-NFT will also double as a “portal” within the show as well as a real-world portal to prizes, merch and other ongoing benefits for holders of the PN-NFT token.

Says Creator Todd Montesi “We’re going to reward our first fans and investors as our project expands and blows up. Part of the reason we got involved in NFTS was the ongoing engagement & community of like-minded innovators and the DIY mindset of the crypto-sphere. We’re excited to be the first legit comedy project to enter the space and really expand on it with our cutting-edge brand of humor that we’ve showcased on our popular PN & FRIENDS.”

There will only be 1,100 PN-NFTS for the project (1,000 to the public, 100 to Friends & Family), with limited drops occurring monthly. “This is not a cash grab” says Montesi, “This is a cool comedic art project with the PN-NFT owners as active collaborators to our journey. Each PN-NFT is VALUABLE, each one is SCARCE: we’re using the logic behind Bitcoin where less is more, and that’s what stands us out from other NFT projects. We’re not skimping on the art or the utility aspect for our project, everything in our PN-NFT project will be TOP NOTCH.”

PN-NFTs are digital collectibles to be sold initially on OpenSea to fund & promote his “PN” project, which is currently in webseries form as the acclaimed “PN & FRIENDS”. Says Montesi “I’m looking to get our show into a bigger platform by the end of year, be it HBO, Netflix, Amazon or heck, build it ourselves: Even critics agree we’re the next big thing and now we’re going to prove it”. With that mindset it might be difficult to bet against Todd Montesi and his PN-NFT project.

For more info on PN-NFTS Check out the official website:

PN-NFTS are set to premiere its first release (from artist Jonathan Kaplan’s drop) on Wednesday July 7th at 6PM EDT. They will be up for purchase on the PN-NFT Opensea page: