Precognos Creates Worldly Wearables, An NFT Clothing Collection for Real World Wear

hoodie with qr code and abstract faces on chestTORONTO, August 19, 2021 – First ever real world NFT clothing items can now be purchased online using cryptocurrency. Canadian startup Precognos Corporation announces that its introductory line of NFT clothing collections are now live on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace by sales volume.

Early innovators can choose a hoodie imprinted with a topical slogan or a t-shirt displaying a unique AI artwork, all in the clothing style, color and size of their choice.

Every NFT acquisition – purchased on with a digital wallet using Ether – includes worldwide delivery of the physical garment plus ownership of the underlying image token written to the Ethereum blockchain.

While typical NFT digital art and collectables can be displayed in a frame on a shelf or shown to friends on a smartphone, Precognos’ approach is to create tangible tokens that people can actually wear for sparking novel conversations. These first-of-a-kind clothing NFTs have inherent street bragging rights.

“I wanted to bring the ephemeral nature of digital NFTs into the real world, so I created blockchain tokens that you can wear in your daily life.” Howard Arfin, Founder, Precognos
Every piece of NFT clothing is truly unique. Alongside the text slogan or AI art imprinted on each garment, there is a scannable QR code that proves the minted provenance of that specific, non-fungible, clothing token.

Until now, the NFT mania that blew up at the start of 2021 has centered on digital art and collectables, such as Beeple’s $69 million jpg file, sports memorabilia like NBA Top Shots, and the current fad of Ether Rocks selling for upwards of $250,000 each – yet all digital only. Nada IRL (in real life).

All the NFT clothing items available now can be viewed in Precognos’ full gallery at

NOTE: kaizen_alpha is the public-facing digital avatar for the NFT clothing and the AI art creations produced by Precognos.