Nifty Pride Has Events June 24th Thru 27th – #NiftyPride2021

An epic metaverse Nifty Pride weekend extravaganza takes place June 25th and 26th!

Get the big picture below and tune in on Twitter for event updates all weekend!

#NiftyPride2021 will be a landmark event for the Cryptoart community and will showcase LGBTQIA+ artists as some of the most inspired, talented, and exciting creators in the NFT space.

What began as a back-and-forth between Bruce the Goose, and Pixls.eth to create Pride-themed digital wearables, quickly became a full-on virtual Pride parade and artshow in the CryptoVoxels virtual world! 

rainbow spacecraft navigating city street

Poster for #NiftyPride2020 on 

Since its launch in June, 2020, by a few dedicated enthusiasts, the Nifty Pride organizational membership and its artist participation has quadrupled! 

This year, with Haley at the wheel, and with the support of a small team of enthusiasts, Nifty Pride is preparing for an epic metaverse Pride extravaganza! From charity NFT auctions, to Twitter artist features, to a weekend of live music, workshops, performances, and artist presentations, #NiftyPride2021 will be a landmark event for the Cryptoart community and will showcase LGBTQIA+ artists as some of the most inspired and exciting in the NFT space. #NiftyPride2021 is a full-weekend event, on Saturday, June 26th, and Sunday, June 27th (Schedule TBD).

Events will be multicast across various metaverse channels: Through the Nifty Pride Discord server:, The Nifty Pride CryptoVoxels galleries centralized here:,53N,3.5U, Haley’s Twitch channel: and of course, live tweeting on 

list of participantsOther #NiftyPride2021 events include: 

Yoga with 

Talks from Community leaders, artists, and members of the Transgender Emergency Fund

Musical drag performance by M I K E Y: 

dramatic characters in performance

We are literally bursting because we are  featuring a special presentation, artist talk, and SuperRare NFT drop party of digital fashion and drag cryptoart superstar, SamJ. SamJ’s work involves queer identity and digital fantasy and they incorporate graphic design, virtual fashion, and drag makeup, to create their stunning video work. SamJ’s newest project is a fully virtual/augmented reality experience that they are releasing as an NFT-with-Physical through SuperRare. “Gallery” is available to view in AR on iOS devices here: 

clown's mask with pink background

Above: Screenshot of “Gallery They(R)”: View the AR project here:

View the project in DecentraLand here:  

Video of “Gallery They(R)” here: 

human hand reaching out to painting with abstract shapes

One of three original paintings by SamJ that will be included with the sale of the NFT. 

More Nifty Pride Activities

Outside of Pride weekend, Nifty Pride is working to build continued and long-term support for the LGBTQIA+ Cryptoart community. A portal-connected network of gifted and borrowed CryptoVoxels plots is serving as an ongoing exhibition space for artists.

Nifty Pride space in Cryptovoxels,140S,6U 

Nifty Pride is partnering with the Blockchain Centre NYC to bring their inaugural exhibition, “XO CRYPTO” to the metaverse! XO CRYPTO features 26 amazing LGBTQIA+ cryptoartists working in a wide range of media from digital image, to animations, video, VR/AR and holographic. 

The Nifty Pride installation of XO Crypto will be linked through our network of “Pride Portals”, and will be directly accessible here:,604S 

dancing torso in cosmic setting

Fundraising for the Transgender Emergency Fund of Massachusets (TEF) is a focus of #NifyPride2021, as the extreme challenges and abuse facing transgender, non-binary, and gender-non-conforming people in the U.S.A. is a critical concern. Nifty Pride co-organizer Zac Kenny is working with the TEF to raise funds that will help broaden their reach outside of Massachusetts, and assist in generating new local TEF chapters nationwide. Nifty Pride has invited Cryptoartists to donate NFTs for a series of daily 24h Twitter auctions which have raised close to 1.0 ETH in the first 10 sales. A live NFT auction event will take place during the NiftyPride2021 weekend, on June 27th. 

Chastity Bowick, co-founder of the TEF will give a talk during the Nifty Pride events. 

We are working hard to make sure everyone who wants to, gets included! Any artists, and anybody wishing to perform or give a workshop/talk can find more information and submission forms here: or may contact organizers directly at, or

We have a press kit with participating artists work here: 

The NiftyPride website: 

NiftyPride is fortunate to be supported by such Cryptoart community influencers as:,,,, and many others.

Additional Press:

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