Chicago Veteran Artists Gift NFTs to Veterans to Commemorate Women’s Armed Service Integration Act

Poster for event with beach and river scene backgroundsChicago Veteran artists gift 612 NFTs to Veterans on 6/12/2021 to commemorate the Women’s Armed Service Integration Act signed on 6/12/48

Artists utilize NFTs as future-forward path to soften mental health barrier for Veterans and all

CHICAGO, IL–June 11th, 2021 — Two Chicago artists named LeDrop WithCheese and the anonymous artist/studio known by CHICAGOON, are giving away 612 NFTs starting on 6/12/2021 (16 second videos designed to help relax and breathe) to U.S. Armed Forces Veterans to commemorate the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act, signed by President Truman on 6/12/1948, via

Earlier this week, June 7, 2021, CHICAGOON and LeDrop WithCheese (Joey Dunne, Veteran-US Army) released their NFT collection named MetaRelaxation (, a collaborative project consisting of nearly 4,000 NFTs curated to help you relax and breathe, filmed in the “metaverse” with NFT video lengths ranging from 10 to 65 seconds.

“We proudly offer fellow Veterans our very first video in NFT form, created to achieve calmness and relaxation, for free!(MetaRelaxation #612) CHICAGOON and I use different techniques throughout our lives that remind us to just relax, breathe and chill out,” says Joey Dunne

“We produced our beloved NFT project ‘MetaRelaxation’, for one purpose, to help everyone by offering proven calming NFT videos that consistently work for us and that have affordable pricing with availability to the masses. One great thing about utilizing NFT technology, is when you want a new serene video, you can sell #612(their free NFT offering), trade or add to your collection.”

These artists speak confidently optimistic about their NFTs, the future of the Industry and that audiences will thoroughly enjoy vividly-imaged metaverse life videos, accompanied by a combination of soothing sounds, with reminders to relax and breathe displayed purposefully. And most importantly, listing the Veteran crisis reference phone numbers to call or text anytime will hopefully be a positive influence in your lives, immortalized on the blockchain.

NFT drop blogger and artist, LeDrop WithCheese(Joey Dunne) also stated, “Normal outlets for those quintessential happy doses of human socializing have been diminishing over the past year for humans. That is part of the reason why we are so excited to share MetaRelaxation NFT #612, the one we initially found solace in and we hope it does the same for you!”

To receive your free NFT, MetaRelaxation #612, please visit Only 2 steps are required on the website: sign up for a Temple wallet (verified secure) and submit your standard 3 lines of brief information. If you have a Tezos wallet, jump to step 2 of 2 and submit. The NFT giveaway is open to qualifying U.S. military veterans who provide a valid Tezos wallet address and each Vet will receive 1 NFT, MetaRelaxation #612, within 24-48 hours of accurate credential and wallet submission.

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