NFT Signature Stickers From AllCertified Will Add Additional Personalization to NFT Art and Media

gold disk with the word certified in large lettersGame-Changing Technology Adds Value Across The Entire NFT Marketplace

Philadelphia, Pa., July 26, 2021 – AllCertified Inc, an NFT toolkit developer, today announced its patent pending “Signature Stickers” images, allowing athletes, performers, and celebrities to digitally sign and personalize any digital NFT image or video. The announcement was made by company Founder and CEO Michael Eckstein during a presentation to dozens of sports memorabilia dealers at the Capital Cities Sports Card Convention in Des Moines, IA.

“Our patent pending technology onboards athletes, TV and movie personalities, artists and other celebrities – then provides them with the ability to create unique blockchain certified ‘Signature Stickers’ that can, with their permission, be affixed to any digital NFT image or video,” said Eckstein. “This technology breakthrough can make AllCertified’s blockchain certified signatures the industry standard to affix personalized autographs on NFTs.”

The Company’s beta website www.AllCertified.Ai profiles the Company, its technology and business model. The onboarding of star power individuals will start in late Q3/early Q4 of this year. The first target market will be sports trading cards and sports memorabilia NFTs, then expand across social media platforms, media networks, movie studios and music company content owners and celebrities.

“We totally understand and respect the copyright laws and ownership rights of digital images,” said Eckstein. “That’s why we are already reaching out to all content owners, across all markets and industries, to demonstrate and explain our business model. Our technology platform produces major new high-value revenue streams for both those owning the image copyrights, and the individual celebrities. This game-changing technology will enable fans to reach out and connect with their favorite stars and personalities, to create a collection of digital NFTs with authenticated blockchain “Signature Stickers.”


About AllCertified Inc.

AllCertified is a visionary group of NFT gurus, experienced fintech programmers, crypto currency miners, and industry leading copyright and trademark IP lawyers with deep contacts in the sports and entertainment industries. We have come together to create and launch AllCertified, the unique company with patent pending technology to create blockchain authenticated celebrity autographs to be affixed to digital NFTs, first starting with athletes then expanding to artists, TV and movie personalities, musical performers, social media influences, etc. on a global basis.