NFT News Wire Shifts to Slow Drip Mode

man in suit holding newspaper that say business in large lettersAs of mid-September, 2021 and continuing for the foreseeable future, NFT News Wire is radically reducing its activities.

However, I will continue to retweet NFT news on Twitter at @nftnewswire.

You may also still submit pitches/press releases for consideration by Clyde F. Smith, NFT News Wire founder, who also writes for:

NFT Entrepreneur – An NFT Business Newsletter

NFTS WTF – An NFT News Site

CryptoArtNet News – A Directory of CryptoArtists

Note from Clyde:

I am choosing to reduce posting at NFT News Wire in order to focus on my NFT business writing and the revival of CryptoArtCoin.

Good luck out there!

NFT News Wire