MarX Project Introduces DeFi-NFT Marketplace After Listing on Liquid Exchange

Letter M with laurels on each sideSEOUL, South Korea, June 14, 2021 — MarX Project is a Korea-based project designed to capture the DeFi-NFT market. MarX Project is operated by MetaverseSociety Corp., which aims to build a virtuous ecosystem with direct connections between value generators and value consumers in a complete DeFi-NFT Platform. Participating parties will be value creators and value customers on the finished DeFi-NFT platform. This project dramatically reduces transaction fees and protects the copyrights of creators. Marx also has a basic structure that has been demonstrated by groundbreaking technological evolution.

MarX Project chose the MRC base system using IBM’s Hyperledger technology instead of the ERC-based system. The project team defined this change on the basis that brokerage fees constrain ERC. It is also prone to technologies that aim to take away the uniqueness of commodities, thus separating the rights and copyrights from the creators. The MRC400 and MRC401 are immune to those, and they also reduce brokerage fees.

MarX Project strives to create a token-economy ecosystem that effectively utilizes business transparency and virtual assets in economic activities. MarX received Technical Audit-Report from SlowMist, a global technology evaluation company, and obtained Legal-Opinion through legal review from Simmons & Simmons.

MarX completed listing on the global exchange Liquid on June 9th, following ProBit in April. Liquid emphasizes the transparency of transactions and complies with the legal regulations of each country. Last year’s trading volume was about $83 billion, even without allowing cross-trading by default. It is also one of the largest exchanges that provide cryptocurrency trading services in fiat currencies such as dollars, euros, yen, Australian dollars, and Singapore dollars. Liquid’s listing process is known to be challenging and fair, so only verified projects can be listed.

MarX Project has opened the NFT Marketplace to coincide with the listing of Liquid. They have also built SwapDEX to enable MRC-based NFT trading. MarX Marketplace will be upgraded to activate NFT transactions and protect creators. After that, it aims to build a token economy ecosystem through coupon-type NFT and ticket-type NFT issuance.

MarX Project collaborates with partners who are already in business in each field to build such a virtuous cycle ecosystem. Art-related Seoul13, pet-related Happy Dog TV, donation-related ICCF (International Cross Culture Foundation), and EDM-related DCTOM participated in the project’s initial white paperwork. Since then, the MarX Project team has signed strategic agreements with PG-related CyrexPay and simple payment-related UnionPay. They have also signed a technical agreement with Inblock, an excellent partner of IBM Hyperledger, to expand the applications of MRC-based technology and transparently manage digital assets.

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