Huobi Features Talken’s TALK Tokens in Third Primepool Stake-to-Earn Event

The word Talk in announcement and on buttonsLONDON, Aug. 30, 2021 — Huobi Global, one of the world’s leading digital asset exchanges, announced today the launch of its third Primepool event, offering users a chance to receive newly listed tokens by staking existing coins. Users who stake Huobi Tokens (HT) or DeFine (DFA) tokens will have a chance to win TALK token rewards from Talken, a multi-chain decentralized NFT wallet that was founded in South Korea.

“We were excited to see nearly 38,786 users from 95 different countries participate in our second Primepool event. Many of these users were happy to win rewards,” stated Ciara Sun, Head of Listing and Blockchain Investments. “To keep the momentum going, we’re holding a third event to introduce more opportunities to our community.”

Like prior Primepool events, this event is designed to give Huobi users access to new, cutting-edge projects, and also incentivize them to grow existing HT and NFT ecosystems by staking coins. The third Primepool event follows the second Primepool event, which was held earlier this month. During this past event, annualized HT mining yields reached 933.02%.

Huobi Global’s decision to offer newly listed TALK tokens reflects growing interest in NFTs in the cryptocurrency world. Talken offers a simple NFT minting tool that enables artists to create, sell, and auction NFTs. The company also operates a marketplace that enables users to buy and trade NFTs across the Ethereum, HECO, BSC, and Klaytn chains. This campaign mirrors that of the first Primepool event, in which Huobi Global also offered DeFine (DFA) token rewards to help grow its NFT ecosystem.

“Through events like Primepool, we can offer users a chance to contribute and participate in the growth of NFT marketplaces, and also reward them for contributing to the HT ecosystem,” added Ciara Sun.

Huobi Third Primepool Event Details

Round 1: From August 31st to September 3rd, users can receive TALK token rewards by staking a fixed amount of HT or DFA (at least 1 HT, or 5 DFA). The mining rewards will be distributed based on the user’s staking allocation on that particular day. Users can withdraw staked tokens at any time.

Round 2: From September 3rd to September 7th, users who lock in at least 1 HT, or 5 DFA, will be eligible for the second round of rewards. The same guidelines from Event 1 will apply to Event 2.

Huobi Global has set up massive prize pools for these two events:

24-hour HT mining rewards: 1,108,800 TALK tokens (Round 1); 207,900 TALK tokens (Round 2)
24-hour DFA mining rewards: 475,200 TALK tokens (Round 1); 89,100 TALK tokens (Round 2)
How to Participate

To enter the event, users can simply log in to the event page and start staking HT/DFA to receive mining rewards.

To learn more about the promotion, click here.

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