GROW.HOUSE Introduces Cannabis NFT Game With Crypto Earnings

A Digital Metaverse for Lovers of Cannabis, Crypto, and DeFi, Led By Social Media Pioneer, Branden Hampton

MIAMI, May 27, 2021 — Launching the first ever digital metaverse for lovers of Cannabis, Crypto, and DeFi. GROW.HOUSE was created by industry veterans in the Blockchain and Cannabis space, inspired by the future where users can all play, grow, and make a living in virtual worlds. GROW.HOUSE is a decentralized cannabis NFT game that educates users about cannabis and cryptocurrencies, in a fun Farmvill-esque world, through growing digital cannabis.

Grow.House is launching its Initial Dex Offering (IDO) on Tuesday, June 1st at 1pm EDT, with a dual listing on BSCPad, Pancakeswap, and through ZeroGravity Launchpad presented by 0.Exchange. GROW.HOUSE has already sold out its private seed round.

Partners and investors include, most notably, Polygon / Matic, Aave, Souljaboy, AU21, Zokyo, Spectre, Founder of Tether, IDO Booster, MYNT, Hypercube, BSCPad, Dextools, Weedhumor, 0.Exchange, Juicy Fields, Capital6 Eagle, and more.

GROW.HOUSE is built on Polygon/Matic, which most notably has solved Ethereum’s issues with speed and costs. GROW.HOUSE has been in development for one year.

Led by Brandon Hampton, the largest independent social media publisher in the world (@Money @HighTimes @Marijuana). Hampton’s role within GROW.HOUSE is Chief Cannabis Officer.

GROW.HOUSE is a Farmville-like game, where users can grow digital cannabis, earn $GROW tokens, collect NFTs, and learn about yield farming. The game is made for mass consumer adoption, taking the social gaming elements of Farmville and combining them with the revolutionary aspects of Yield Farming to bring DeFi to the masses in a fun gamified way.

Within the game users can plant NFT cannabis flowers, earn $GROW tokens, and use in-game assets to beautify farms. Users can also plant cryptocurrencies in our yield farms, where they can earn yield rewards. Players can choose to work together or alone and do their part to live, play, and GROW in the Cannaverse world. The first plots of land have already sold out.

How Users Play:

Players start off planting flowers and helping others water their plants to earn SEED
SEED can be used to buy in-game assets like NFTs, which users can use to get new in-game objects or $GROW tokens
Players than can use $GROW to buy land, seed, or NFT’s, to use throughout the Cannaverse ecosystem
$GROW and other cryptocurrencies can be planted in the ground to grow Money Trees, which will earn interest similar to a savings account.
Players can form groups of Co-ops to help manage NFT farms together and ensure they’re getting the best rewards
And we’re working on lots of other fun side-games for users to play
GROW HOUSE is sponsored by partners Juicy Fields, the first of many big brand sponsors within the game. Sponsors have the ability to buy land, advertise, and offer incentives to farmers to engage with their products.

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GROW.HOUSE is a decentralized cannabis NFT game that educates users about cannabis, cryptocurrencies, and DeFi, in the form of a gamified, fun version of Farmville that can Grow and yield interest in the future. It uses existing grower networks to create farming and rewards using proprietary blockchain technology. Built for the cannabis industry by crypto pioneers, GROW.HOUSE enables you to cultivate land, redeem NFTs, and build your brand in the cannaverse using $GROW.