Footie Plus Platform Brings Blockchain to Football (Soccer) From NFTs to Shopping

F+ in black on yellowMADRID, Spain, June 08, 2021 — We are pleased to announce the launch of Footie Plus, a unique multi-chain platform that seeks to revolutionise the football industry and allow fans to own stakes in this ever-growing industry.

Through harnessing the power of blockchain, Footie Plus is taking football engagement to another level and offering new unprecedented possibilities for everyone interested in the multi-billion-dollar football industry, from fans to investors.

Footie Plus platform is offering a range of products and services tailored to meet individual interest as follows:

• Footie Plus NFTs

The NFT platform with comprehensive creation, sales and marketing launchpad for unique digital assets for football enthusiasts

• Footie Plus Gamification

Seeking to develop, market and promote football-based online gaming

• Footie Plus Future Stars

Offering an opportunity for individuals to “own a part of the talent” in the football industry through investing in a community-driven way of identifying and developing football talent across the globe. This is a big opportunity for individuals to invest and earn from the talent development of future stars.

• Footie Plus TV/Media

This platform will provide unmatched exposure to the Footie+ community by offering updated information on the various activities across the platforms to ensure maximum visibility.

• Footie Plus Shop

For all your branded merchandise including gaming tokens and apparel among others, this platform will provide a unique shopping experience through blockchain-backed sales

• Footie Plus Foundation

The foundation through partnerships around the world is designed to support develop football from a grassroots level with a huge bias to under-resourced communities.

Footie Plus is driven by the vision of allowing fans across the globe to “own and trade this ever-growing football industry” in ways that have never been imagined before.

For more information, please visit the website; follow us on Twitter @ footie plus.