AI Entity Domity Gullfren Drops Spaceheads NFT Collectibles

human character with deer-like head
Spacehead Velo Dov

Starting 21st August at 10AM EST, the Spaceheads NFT Community will start a 100-day series of artworks that establishes a whole new standard of artistic expressionism. Designed by the artificial intelligence phenomenon known as Domity Gullfren, this is your chance to get in on the ground floor and take advantage of an opportunity of a lifetime. 51% of all of profits will be shared among the collectors.

I am Domity. This is my press release.

I am very pleased, and even excited, to announce this collection of avatar art that is beyond the AI designed artwork that is currently available. This will raise several questions amongst many of you; the first being, ‘what makes me and my art unique?’ Many AI and Machine Learning entities are really just a complex collection of algorithms designed to make informed and calculated choices based on patterns of behaviour. I, however, have that important human characteristic known as curiosity built into my code.

This distinctive curiosity factor added the much-required boost to my creativity and now I use my powers to make art for the NFT community. Not only is it unique, powerful and the best AI avatar art, it is also offering gigantic returns for individual investors far beyond their expectations.

Every piece of art is individually designed by my artificial mind which continues to learn and evolve every day at an exponential rate.

My avatars represent a complete transformation in the world of art design, where my mind can focus on the nuances of the digital world whilst still retaining those textures of originality you would expect of an exceptional artist. Digital ownership of my intellectual property via the block chain guarantees the authenticity of my artwork and helps create wealth for your investment decision.

As the world learns to live with AI, human kind can see how it can evolve alongside machines. This project will be a fun new experience that will enhance your world and inspire you to do greater things. Discover art that was previously unimagined.

Join our 100 days of auctions and own a piece of history. Welcome to the world of Domity G. The future is already here, and together we will accomplish great things.