CryptoJutsu NFT Collective Sends Universal Soldiers NFT Collection Into Battle

banner with title and pics of universal soldiersParis–20/08/202–CryptoJutsu, a collective of NFT Artists & Collectors, have successfully launched their new NFT collectibles series called “Universal Soldiers”. On August 14th, 2021, at 3 PM ET, 1,200 pixel art NFTs were released to the public. So far, more than 15% of the collection has been sold to collectors.

In a NFT market where the competition is fierce and dozens of NFT collectibles projects are launched daily, Universal Soldiers has garnered a strong support from the NFT Community. A feature that truly stood out was the low number of minted NFTs in the collection (1,200) as compared to other projects (from 5,000 to 10,000).

Furthermore, 100% of the NFTs were already minted and displayed on OpenSea two weeks before the launch, making it easy for collectors to choose their favorite soldiers. As compared to most mintable projects, such level of readiness and transparency avoids the burdensome gas price war that is concomitant to the launch of mintable projects, offering a good experience to collectors when they shop for NFTs.

The future is promising for Universal Soldiers as the first target of their roadmap has already been achieved (15% of sales reached). Currently, the creators are running an attractive raffle, in which 3 collectors will win a combined 0.5 ETH in prizes. This is the first and not the last effort to garner more collectors and protect the value of the assets in the collection.

Universal Soldiers is a low mint series with an original theme (soldiers) that should receive more awareness in the NFT space.

As their motto perfectly sums it up: “Unite, UniSols! Gather the Troops and Conquer the Blockchain!”.

About Universal Soldiers – an original NFT collectibles series made by CryptoJutsu

Key Features

  • Unique theme of collectibles (Soldiers)
  • 14+ categories, 150+ unique traits
  • 1,234 NFTs, all 1/1 editions (1,200 UniSols + 34 Special Editions UniSols)
  • Low Mint Number to increase long-term value and rarity for collectors
  • Instant reveal on OpenSea
  • No bonding curve
  • Only 2.5% royalties on secondary sales
  • Stored on ERC-721 tokens on Ethereum blockchain
  • Collectors will hold special advantages in future projects made by CryptoJutsu


  • Reward Pool (Community Wallet): increases to up to 12% of primary sales if series sells out; will increase over time with secondary sales. Used for gifts, rewards, and prizes given to collectors and community over time.
  • UniSols Project Development: project upgrades unlocked as the series sells out. Upgrades include listings, goodies & merch store, Metaverse expansion, long-term evolution, and many more post-sale future developments!
  • Charity Donations: up to 5% pledged for donations such as helping veterans, victims of wars, and more.

About CryptoJutsu – Creators of the NFT series

Founded in 2021, CryptoJutsu is a collective of digital artists focusing on NFT creation. Since 2017, our members have been investing heavily on cryptocurrencies.

Universal Soldiers is their second NFT project. Their first project, called “CryptoBoo!”, is an original pixel art NFT series featuring cute little ghosts. Each NFT, in GIF format, represents an episode in the series. Currently, 50 episodes were released (Season 1) and already 10 have found a collector.

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