BSC Rocks Brings NFT Rock Craze to Featured by Binance NFT Marketplace

grid of different colored but same shaped rock illustrationsThe recent popularity in what was believed to be the first ever non-fungible token collection minted in the Ethereum blockchain has lead to people spending millions on virtual rocks.

On August 22nd, Justin Sun, Founder of Tron, Tweeted “Just spent half million [sic] dollars on a rock ????.”

Sun’s purchase brought significant attention and press, causing the value to rise even more rapidly.

Today, the Ether Rock collection has a floor price of Ξ800 Eth, or rather, $3,038,300 USD.

Meanwhile, other blockchains have joined in on the craze, giving birth to Sol Rocks on the Solana blockchain, Fantom Rock on Fantom Network, and AVAX Rocks on Avalanche — all of which have sold out, and are similarly rising is trade value.

Binance Smart Chain, a decentralized Ethereum fork, which rivals the giant in daily traffic, as proponent of its affordable fees, now has its own unique virtual rock collectibles, anticipating similar success.

BSC Rocks quietly began minting a Binance flavored collection of one-of-a-kind rock assets this week on the new Featured by Binance NFT Marketplace.

The series will consist of just 99 tradable generative rock graphics, minted in the BEP-721 standard. Each mint is attributed a rarity rating, and priced on a bonding curve, which means as more rocks are minted and sold, the price per rock will rise.

You can check out the collection, or collect a rock of your own on