Crowds draw to explore the future of NFTs, ahead of Frieze week

speakers sitting in chairs seen from behind with audience in background

New York (17.05.2022 ) – Markets may be reeling from rocky crypto rates, but the art world remains committed to exploring the future of NFTs, if yesterday’s one-day pop-up exhibition, ‘ART & NFT: The Digital Roots’, at Lume Studios, is anything to go by.

More than 200 visitors immersed themselves in ART & NFT: The Digital Roots, a presentation of the work by 12 cutting edge artists, curated by VerticalCrypto art, in partnership with Whitewall and Tezos.

The 22 LED monitors and immersive projections flooding the two-floor space, also created a dramatic setting for an adjoining panel by with leaders in the field, with speakers including art and tech advisor-Fanny Lakoubay; Founder of the Museum of Crypto Art-Colborn Bell; curator and Director of Volta Art Fairs-Kamiar Maleki, artist- Skye Nicolas; and Vertical Crypto Art founder, Micol Ap.

“It’s always an honour to be part of a panel that discusses the challenges and future of the digital space. Coming from the traditional art world it is exciting to see the interest and creativity in this field. What VerticalCrypto does to curate its shows and sales is exactly what this industry needs,” says Kamiar Maleki.


Works exhibited were created on Tezos, the energy-efficient blockchain, by artists including Helena Sarin, P1Xelfool, Skye Nicholas, Damjanski, Linda Dounia, Lia Something, Nicolas Sassoon, lia something, skye nicolas, Loren Bednar, Leander Herzog, Rose Jackson and Jana Styblova.

To see the pieces visit the auction here, which runs until Tuesday 24 May or visit the arium space here

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About VerticalCrypto Art
VerticalCrypto Art is a leading web3 curatorial media studio for NFT fine art, digital art and new media. By elevating discourse around metaverse culture through curated auctions, exhibitions, the team provides curatorial services, content creation, NFT consultancy, and event production.

About Whitewall
Founded in 2006, Whitewall is a contemporary and lifestyle magazine which stands for creative communities both online and in the real world and introduces a bridge in between the traditional collecting world and the web3 creative.

About Tezos
The Tezos platform is designed to power the Web3 revolution and was built with mechanisms to ensure active community governance and participation–a key component of Web3. Users can directly and frictionlessly interface with each other over a decentralized network, exchanging value and interacting with various applications, without the need for intermediaries.

Source: VerticalCrypto Art