AirWire Launches NFT Camera App to “NFT Your Life”

abstract combo of letters A and WLos Angeles, CA, July 22, 2021 — AirWire, a groundbreaking consumer platform powered by blockchain technology, announced today the launch of its beta app featuring a NFT camera. Now, consumers can mint their NFT by downloading AirWire on their mobile phones. You can sign up for the beta test at

NFT Your Life

AirWire’s Patent Pending NFT camera reduces NFT technology down to the lowest barrier to entry. “NFT Your Life” by simply taking photos, videos, or audios through our app and minting them on the blockchain. AirWire NFT Camera also has filters and customization that allow the user to mint collections from current and previously captured photos and video, edit the content to their expectations and post for sale on the Airwire NFT Marketplace or upload to open NFT platforms such as OpenSea.

NFT Filters, Marketplace, and Storage at Your Fingertips

Use AirWire’s pre-loaded filters or upgrade to premium filters created by partnerships with the hottest digital artists in the industry. Choose between Private, Public, and Retail albums to easily access your NFT for its intended audience. NFT personal photos and documents can be in the Private setting where the item can only be seen when the owner gives permission, the Public setting where friends and family can follow your exciting adventures, or the Retail setting which allows you to engage the NFT Marketplace to monetize your unique, high quality, valuable NFTs. Your NFT is safe and secure in a decentralized storage environment that is forever on the blockchain.

“The future is digital identity and digital ownership for the masses. It’s time to start building blockchain applications that everyone can use without the educational barrier of blockchain technology. AirWire has built a consumer playground that allows anyone who can take a picture on their phone to mint NFTs and monetize their assets.” – Ken DiCross, CEO, AirWire

Enzo Villani, CEO, Alpha Sigma Capital, the lead investor, made the following comment, “People forget when you post your photo to a centralized social media platform like Facebook or Instagram, you don’t own the rights any longer. AirWire is the opportunity to mint your NFT, store it on a decentralized platform like Filecoin and have a completely private storage solution. You own the full rights to the image in perpetuity. For celebrities and influencers seeking to create revenue from their images, AirWire puts everything in your control.”


NFT Camera: A first-to-market app that is light years ahead of current offerings.

Marketplace: An easy-to-access marketplace to buy, sell, and trade NFTs.

Easy to Use: No coding or blockchain knowledge required, just a few clicks!

Interoperable: The ability to move your NFT to whichever platform you choose.

Low cost: No high gas fees here, mint your NFTs for no cost!

About AirWire

AirWire is a groundbreaking consumer platform powered by blockchain technology that enhances every day life transactions with next generation mechanisms and incentivization. The current trends of ownership of identity and content are not going away. In addition, users want multifaceted opportunities to monetize their identity and content at the price of their choosing in the marketplace. Our economy is being disrupted by the branding and corporation type structure of the individual.

AirWire is capturing this trend by developing a suite of applications that will evolve the individual into a powerhouse of ingenuity and prosperity. For more information please visit

About Alpha Sigma Capital

Active Investing in the Blockchain Economy, Alpha Sigma Capital is a pioneering digital asset fund focused on the blockchain economy and the shift to a decentralized Web3 infrastructure. The fund invests in companies and decentralized projects that are leveraging blockchain technology to provide demonstrable change and efficiency in financial services, artificial intelligence, supply chain, and biotechnologies. Apply to receive our research newsletter at no cost at