Collector 888 Announces Partners in 888 The New World NFT Marketplace

888 The New World

NEW YORK, July 15, 2021 — 888 The New World is the only digital art marketplace founded and built by artists and pioneers in crypto art. The first investment round was led by early adopters like Frank Wilder, FEWOCiOUS, ThankYouX, 3LAU, RTFKT Studios, Paris Hilton, and more.

888 The New World was founded by anonymous crypto art collector 888 after seeing significant flaws in the industry: inequitable artist compensation, inflated fees, and the environmental impact of NFTs. 888TNW takes 8.88% commission, compared to 30-50% of other platforms and auction houses.

888 The New World is the first NFT marketplace with a team of multidisciplinary artists as curators. Members of this collective include Jason Seife, Blake Kathryn, David Ariew, and GMUNK, among others. The group brings their experience and perspective to offer a selection of artists set to launch the marketplace this fall.

Miami-based artist Jason Seife is influenced by his Middle Eastern roots and counts celebrities like Pharrell Williams as clients. Blake Kathryn crafts dreamscapes that seem pulled from an ethereal NFT fairy tale and have caught the eye of Lil Nas X, for whom she collaborated on the “Panini” music video. Seife will lead fine art curation, while Kathryn will oversee curation for female artists – a critical category to the platform’s mission.

David Ariew, “Octane Jesus,” bridges the worlds of music, film, and Octane Render in mapping fully animated music videos, including work for Dave Matthews Band, and will lead curation for 3D art. GMUNK, Director of Curation for Live Art, has caught the eye of Grimes, among others, who tap his collaborative spirit for projects across fine art, short films, music videos, and more.

888 The New World also recently announced the appointment of Karsen Woods as Chief Experience Officer. Woods was an early hire at Superplastic, a pioneering brand in the world of animation, art toys, and NFTs. As one of the first female C-Suite Executives in the NFT art world, Woods has concretized her reputation as the authoritative voice among various crypto-focused communities and the NFT ecosystem at large.

The new NFT marketplace plans to launch on the Flare Network, a new decentralized network bringing full smart contract utility to multiple blockchains, with carbon missions under 1% under Ethereum, thousands of mint per second, and costing only pennies at the expense of artists.

888 The New World will implement community-focused divisions. The Mental Health and Wellness for artists will be led by Alycia Rainaud, “Maalavidaa,” inspired by Jungian therapy, color therapy, meditation, and champions art as a path to increase emotional intelligence and mental health sensitivity. Additional divisions will endeavor to support diversity, equity, and inclusion, bespoke software programming, gaming and esports, mentorship, and the development of artists in developing nations.