Tokyo-based 8-Mint Collective to Create NFTs Based on Licensed Video Game ROMs

Number 8 emanating beams of lightOn September 16, 2021, the NFT community will be welcoming a new collectible series from the world of video game classics. The creative collective, 8-Mint, hailing from Japan, is launching a line of official NFTs based on licensed Japanese video game ROMs available on OpenSea through our partnership with game emulation industry leader D4 Enterprise from their retro game service Project EGG.

TOKYO,  SEPTEMBER 10, 2021–Nostalgically called MEMORIES, each limited edition NFT allows game fans to own an authentic piece of gaming history with exclusive 30-second collectibles. The NFTs spotlight iconic moments of gameplay straight from each game ROM from the 8-bit and 16-bit era of the 1980s and 90s.

The upcoming release – Drop 1 – is set to include NFTs of four golden classics of gaming, originally released from 1986-1987: Zanac, Relics, Märchen Veil, and the original Hydlide. The games are made by early innovators, Compile, Bothtec, System Sacom, and T&E Soft – some of them places where Project EGG founders were once employed.

Sales and auctions are to take place on tried-and-true NFT marketplaces OpenSea and Mintable, with Drop 1 coming on September 16, 2021 at 9PM JST (noon GMT / 5AM PDT / 8AM EDT). The MEMORIES NFTs will be in exclusive, limited-edition sets (10-25) copies only), with Hydlide being auctioned as a unique edition of one copy only.

Gaming historians should note these titles are from three different classical game/computer system models, MSX2, NES, and PC-9801. Future drops will include PC-8801, Arcade, MSX2, MSX2+ and more. This family of makers brought the world nothing short of an entertainment revolution, and captivated the imaginations of several generations of gamers. 8-Mint plans to release an entire back-catalogue of hundreds of titles from Project EGG, so collectors will do well to acquire these highly limited edition Drop 1 titles while they can.

For more information and updates, connect with 8-Mint on social media, or visit the NFT platforms directly as the collections are released.

About 8-Mint Creative Collective

The 8-Mint MEMORIES NFT project is the brainchild of David Bennett, himself both a gamer/game fan as well as President of Lenovo Japan and CEO of NEC Personal Computers. Bennett teamed up with his brother, Shane Bennett, a former fullstack developer, blockchain programmer and crypto enthusiast, and began to transform Project EGG’s licensed game ROMs into the line of historical NFTs. The game play comes in an animated collectible crafted by digital artist Lasergun Factory (J. Scuderi), backed by creators from Tokyo-based digital marketing and development studio Digital Will.


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About Lasergun Factory

J. Scuderi / Lasergun Factory is a Digital/Crypto Artist based in Japan. His work can be found on various platforms including BAE, MakersPlace, Known Origin and Foundation. He is currently a Branding Officer at the Blockchain Art Exchange where he helped organize the first physical crypto art exhibit in Japan, ‘CrypTOKYO’ at UltraSuperNew Gallery in Harajuku. As a former Creative/Art Director in NYC, he collaborated with globally recognized brands such as; Reebok, Nike, Mikimoto, Chanel, Mitsubishi, NBA, Mcgraw-Hill, Nissan and more.

Lasergun Factory:

About D4 Enterprise / Project EGG

D4 Enterprises are the proprietors of Project EGG, Japan’s longest running retro game service and pioneers of Japanese video game emulation including Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console and the holders of many game titles and rights.

D4 Enterprise:
Project EGG:

About Digital Will

Digital Will is a creative software development and digital marketing studio based in Tokyo. Their team is headed by partner and creative director Don Kratzer and Professor Jordan A. Y. Smith, who also curated the Mad Dog Jones exhibition at DIESEL Art Gallery that first brought the now legendary cryptoartist into a real-life gallery.