SPK Network and 3Speak Enable IPFS Nodes and P2P Content Delivery on Hive Blockchain

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The Hive community makes a significant breakthrough for Web 3.0 image and video with the first open, decentralised standard, which incentivises IPFS storage and P2P infrastructure provision for social platforms.

A shared protocol standard will increase business model innovation and result in algorithms that the people create, not centralised entities – A true market-based approach.

NEW YORK, JUNE 17, 2021–Video infrastructure provider 3Speak decided to move from the Steem blockchain to Hive when Tron backed censorship began on Steem during the takeover controversy of February 2020. The SPK Network was built to further decentralize video content storage and infrastructure on Hive, and defend DPoS systems against takeover attempts in the future. The Standard integrates IPFS as its storage backbone.

It is developing a Node package so that any peer can provide their own video infrastructure for other Network participants to access Web 3.0 decentralized video and content technology. P2P infrastructure providers run node services such as IPFS content storage servers, CDN’s, and Encoders. Mining rewards are distributed to these infrastructure providers using the Peerplays SONs technology. Long term content storage is rewarded with a lightweight adaptation of the Proof of Access algorithm.

The first applications built on the SPK Network are the 3Speak Web Application and its open-source desktop counterpart, which anyone can freely replicate. Participants can self-host their content on their own website by spinning up their own IPFS node in one click without any technical knowledge benefiting from a P2P decentralized content experience without the gatekeepers present in today’s social media platforms.

“A shared protocol standard will increase business model innovation and result in algorithms that the people create, not centralized entities – A true market-based approach,” says a 3Speak Founder.

The protocol also allows content creators to form Breakaway Communities, encompassing tokens, and their own NFT collectibles, stored and transferable using IPFS. This empowers creators to establish their own economies and monetize their content independently without relying on centralized third parties. Account history, data, assets, and content are owned by participants and their communities, and can be transferred to any Web 3.0 platform built on the Network or website that integrates the technology making today’s Web 2.0 centralized account censorship redundant.

Content moderation is carried out by the community’s infrastructure providers and stakeholders using customizable content portals.

ABOUT 3Speak

The SPK Network on the Hive blockchain is a decentralized, shared open-source social media protocol not owned by any centralized entity. This means that the content creator owns their account and community outright such that no centralized entity can block or censor either. Any developer worldwide can help develop the protocol or the open-source content platforms built upon it. Contrary to current mainstream social media platforms, SPK Network provides transparency to the social media content world, allowing anyone to see how the Network functions. Trusting a centralized entity is no longer required; participants can check the source code.

Since May 2019, the SPK Network has distributed $150K in HIVE to participants posting content to the application’s running on the protocol. The Protocol’s LARYNX Miner Token claim drop to Hive holders will be in the next 3 months. More information on – SPK Network Telegram chat: https://t.me/spkNetwork